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Our Members

Our members love their dogs! Member names, their location and breed of dog(s) they own are listed below. If you wish to contact any one of them, please use the Contact form.  And, if you like the sound of our association so far and want to become a member, take a look at our Constitution and Bylaws, then Download our application form to apply for membership today. We look forward to welcoming you as our latest member soon! 

Amy Anderson Bellingham All American, Aussie, Water Spaniel
Mike Anderson Ferndale Border Collie
Misalyn Armstrong Bellingham Irish Water Spaniel, Lab,ds Toy Fox Terrier
Carol Bevan Bellingham Miniature Poodle
Brian Black Deming All American
Barbara Brausieck Bellingham Mixed breeds, Border Collie
Deb Bruner Bellingham Schipperkes
Sally Burmester Bellingham German Shepherds
Debbie Casey Custer Schnauzers
Ray Coye Ferndale All American
Lori Daniels Bellingham Vizsla
Chris & Rhonda Daves Ferndale Golden Retriever
Judy Davis Deming Border Collie mix, OE Sheepdog, Goldens
Regina Delahunt Bellingham Yorkshire Terrier, Silky Terrier
Craig & Karen Dolphin Custer Flat-coated Retrievers
Nancy Dyson Bellingham Labradors, Flat-coated Retrievers
Alecia & Stefan Elvstad Blaine Border Collies & Aussie
Meredith Gilbert Bellingham Bernese Mountain Dogs
Paul & Joan Glasser Bellingham Golden Retriever
Tracy Gorham Lynden Mini Shelties, GSD 
Ingrid Grant Bellingham Belgian Tervuren, GSD
David Hamilton Bellingham Lab mix, BC mix
Mary Haslam Bellingham Silky Terrier
Stephanie Hathaway Bellingham Cardigan Welch Corgi
Pat Hemrich & Peter Hoogenboom Bellingham Australian Shepherd, Border Collie
Pat Hess Bow Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Pat Holmes Bellingham GoldenDoodle
Aly Horry Bellingham Border Collie mix, Cocker
Katrina Jackson Bellingham Portuguese Water Dogs
Linda Jaquish Everson Australian Cattle Dogs
Margaret Jezek Bellingham Bernese Mountain Dogs
Bob & Dianna Kirkbride Bellingham Papillons
Jeannie Laverdier Bellingham Std Schnauzers
Diane Longstreth Bellingham Bernese Mtn. Dogs
Margaret Managan Deming Irish Wolfhound, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Judy Marquardt Arlington Belgian Tervurens
Chris Monroe Ferndale Labrador, GSD
Pattie Dawn Moon Belligham Border Terrier
Frank Mudge  Sedro Woolley Belgian Malinois
Karen & Wayne Mullen Bellingham Bichon Frises,  Havanese
Rick Mullen & Cindy King Ferndale Labradors
Barb O'Donaughy Hope Standard Poodles
Debbie O'Neal Bellingham Cairn Terrier
Judy Owen Port Coquitlam, BC Weimaraners 
Arlene Parker Bellingham Papillon, Standard Poodles
Gay Parrish Bellingham German Shepherds
Mary Peters Bellingham Australian Shepherd/BC mix
Dayl Phillip Bellingham Cardigan Corgis, Aussie
Joyce Pulver Bellingham English Shepherd
Tammy Quiram Lynden Rough Collie, Std Poodle
Lizzy Ramhorst Deming Flat-coated Retriever
Nancy Reynolds Bellingham Labradors
George Sanders Bellingham Papillons
Michelle Schraeder Bellingham Labrador
Kathi Seaman Everson Giant Schnauzer, Border Collie
Kathy Smith Bellingham Terriers
Marian Snapp Bellingham Australian Shepherds
Patricia Spencer Ferndale All American
Anaria Surratt Ferndale Miniature Schnauzers
Kim Sutherland Bellingham Old English Sheepdogs
Kerry Sweitzer Custer Australian Shepherds
Tyler VanderWerff Bellingham Labrador, Cardigan Corgi
Nadine Watson Langley, BC Golden Retriever
Barbara & Michael Webb Bellingham Old English Sheepdog, Gordon Setter
Jan Wesen Bow Australian Shepherds,  Australian Kelpie
Melissa Wiltse Custer Bull Mastiffs, Clumber Spaniels
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