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Chuckanut Chaotic Canines


Chuckanut Chaotic Canines, more commonly known as ChaoticK9s, offers trials sanctioned by the North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC)


PREMIUM for the upcoming trial in May is available on the website. 


Though not officially a part of CDTA, this club is made up of members of CDTA who wished to participate in a different venue of agility from the AKC. 


Trials are held twice a year beginning in 2014 with one in May and the other in October. Classes in this venue are more varied than in some other venues, are faster, require discrimination between obstacles, require more work at a distance and challenge the dog's skills on specific types of equipment with greater distractions than seen elsewhere. 


Dogs of all ages above 18 mos. of age can participate though as the dog ages beyond 9 yrs of age the height of jumps is dropped to reduce strain on it's body. 


For further information, check out the NADAC web site and the Chuckanut Chaotic Canines web site. 

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