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 The Chuckanut Dog Training Association, Inc. offers dog obedience training classes in the Fall, Winter, and Spring on Tuesday evenings in Bloedel Donovan Park’s Community Building in Bellingham. (Google Maps Link) Dogs, mixed breed or purebred, need to be at least 4 months of age and current on all vaccinations. See contacts below for additional information and registration forms.

For further information, contact Barb at 360-733-5429 or Gay at 360-676-9066.

Class currently in session. Enrollment page included.
Next session will begin on September 10, 2019
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City of Bellingham will be remodelling the Bloedel Parks Building during the months of April - May.  Spring classes will not be held.  Next classes will be in the fall begining September 10, 2019.


Basic Dog Obedience

Does your dog “run with scissors”? Does your dog think his name is “BowserNo”? This is the class for untrained dogs and their people. Learn to teach your dog basic obedience (heel, sit, down, stay, and COME when called!), good-dog manners, and acceptable canine social skills. Take back the leash! Learn to enjoy living with the dog!


Beyond Basic Dog Obedience

Does your dog look at you with a blank stare and shrug his hairy shoulders as if to say “You talkin’ to me?” whenever you take the leash off? Build on the skills and relationship you and your dog began in the Basic Class and learn to take obedience off leash. Learn more advanced exercises that not only challenge both you and your dog but also continue to make training interesting, creative, and fun. Work to achieve a Canine Good Citizenship Certificate.


Rally Obedience

Rally Obedience is an exciting AKC titling class in which the dog and handler complete a set of exercises while demonstrating team work. The dog and handler move continuously with the dog under control and at the handler’s left side, though perfect heel position does not need to be maintained. Handlers are generally allowed to talk, praise, and encourage their dogs. The dog’s performance need not be precise but should demonstrate willingness and enjoyment in its work.


Beginner Novice

Prepare for the Beginner Novice AKC Optional Titling Class!

Have you and your dog been through all these other courses, with CDTA or some other organization? Are you wondering if you want to continue to competition obedience? Do you have a dog that you want to work in the "real" world of obedience but not take them to the Novice level yet? Just want them to get their feet wet?

This class can help you prepare for the Beginner Novice title offered by AKC. Using a combination of regular obedience practices and Rally signs to communicate directions, dogs will be taken through heeling on leash, figure of eight, sit for examination, sit stay, and recall exercises. Encouraging phrases are allowed though single commands to complete and exercise are still required. For more information about this class, go to the AKC web site for the Obedience Regulations

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